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4 tips to extend the service life of tungsten steel milling cutters, do you know?

Time : 2023-10-27 Hits : 44

Carbide end mill are often used in CNC machining centers and CNC engraving machines. The hardness of this type of cutter is Vickers 10K, second only to diamond. However, even the hardest cutter will inevitably be worn, resulting in a shortened service life. This week we held a symposium: 4 tips to extend the service life of tungsten carbide milling cutters, do you know?

What factors are related to the service life of carbide end mill?

There are many factors that affect the life of carbide end mill, but there are a few points that everyone needs to know, that is, the processing particles of carbide end mill are different, and the hardness of the carbide end mill is also different. Of course, in addition to the wear of carbide end mill, In addition to its own reasons, there are actually factors such as machine tool conditions and cutting conditions.

1. Reasonably choose the cutting amount.

If the cutting depth and feed rate are too large, the cutting force will increase, and the carbide end mill will wear quickly.

2. Improve the geometric angle of carbide end mill.

The angle and blade shape of tungsten steel milling cutter affect the change of cutting force. On the premise of ensuring that the tungsten steel milling cutter has sufficient strength, the rake angle should be as large as possible. When the main deflection angle decreases, the length of the cutting edge participating in the cutting increases, so that the cutting heat is relatively dispersed, and the tip angle increases, which can make the cutting Temperature drop.

3. Grasp and adjust the best cutting conditions, set good cutting conditions and maintain them.

Understand the cutting status of the accessory through vibration analysis, etc., and make timely adjustments to ensure a good working environment for the tungsten steel milling cutter. Once the tungsten steel milling cutter is replaced, the size must be adjusted to ensure that the fastener conditions and cutting conditions are appropriate.

4. Reasonably select milling cutter tool materials.

To process different materials, you must know how to choose different tools to adapt to the requirements of cutting processing.

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