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Introduction for Milling Tool Mold

Time : 2023-04-20 Hits : 48

Mold milling cutters mianly include Endmill and milling insert , which are made in cemented tungsten carbide with high hardness and heat -resistant , Mold milling cutters are used to machine mold cavities or punch forming surfaces. Die milling cutter is evolved from end milling cutter. According to the shape of the working part, it can be divided into three types: conical flat head, cylindrical ball head and conical ball head. Carbide die milling cutters are very widely used. In addition to milling various die cavities, they can also replace hand files and grinding wheels to clean the burrs of casting, forging and welding workpieces, as well as finish some forming surfaces. Wait. The milling cutter can be used on pneumatic or electric tools, and its production efficiency and durability are dozens of times higher than those of grinding wheels and files.


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