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Processing advantage

July 20,2023

Zhuzhou OBT Carbide Tools Co.,Ltd, we have Passivation processing edge, sharp wear - resistant, our carbide endmill have Four-edge milling cutter is mainly used for side milling and face milling. It is used for processing all kinds of die steel, cast iron, copper parts, etc.

The each milling have Double edge design,Large chip removal,our Helix angle: 35°: Double edge design with helix Angle makes milling cutter more wear-resistant, reduce product burr during processing, more smooth chip removal, the cutting tools is Tungsten steel material,use the Imported raw materials, ultra-fine grain tungsten steel material, effectively ensure the quality of milling cutter, the carbide endmill, we use YG10X rod, it black coating, it have high toughness and wear resistance, our hrc55 is Tisin,use YL10.2 rod ,it copper coating ,which provides high strength and good toughness,hrc63 is japan carbide rods,is blue nano coating,the cobalt and has very high toughness and wear resistance.It is the most suitable for hard cutting.

Performance requirements for CNC tools

Since CNC machine tools have the characteristics of high machining accuracy, high machining efficiency, concentrated machining processes and less clamping times of parts, the numerical control usedTool control puts forward higher requirements. In terms of tool performance, CNC tools should be higher than those used in ordinary machine tools.

When choosing CNC cutting tools, first of all, standard cutting tools should be preferred, and various high-efficiency compound cutting tools and special special-purpose cutting tools can be selected when necessary.

knives. When selecting standard CNC cutting tools, various advanced cutting tools should be selected as far as possible in combination with the actual situation, such as indexable cutting tools, integral carbideGold knives, ceramic knives, etc.

When choosing CNC machine tools, the following aspects should also be considered:

(1) The type, specification and accuracy level of the CNC tool should be able to meet the processing requirements, and the tool material should be compatible with the workpiece material.

(2) Good cutting performance. In order to adapt to the rough machining of the tool or the machining of difficult-to-machine materials, it can adopt a large amount of back cutting and high feed rate

The tool should have the ability to withstand high-speed cutting and powerful cutting. At the same time, the same batch of tools must be stable in terms of cutting performance and tool life.

In order to realize the tool change according to the tool life or to manage the tool life by the CNC system.

(3) High precision. In order to meet the requirements of high precision and automatic tool change of CNC machining, the tool must have high precision, if there is an integral vertical

The radial dimension accuracy of the milling cutter is as high as 0.005mm

(4) High reliability. In order to ensure that accidental tool damage and potential defects will not occur in NC machining, which will affect the smooth progress of machining, it is required that the tool and its combined accessories must have good reliability and strong adaptability.

(5) High durability. CNC machining tools, no matter in rough machining or finishing, should have higher precision than those used in ordinary machine tools.

Durability, in order to minimize the number of tool replacement or grinding and tool setting, so as to improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools and ensure the processing quality.

(6) Good chip breaking and chip removal performance. In CNC machining, chip breaking and chip removal cannot be handled manually in time like ordinary machine tool processing, and chips are easy to tangleWinding around the tool and the workpiece will damage the tool and scratch the processed surface of the workpiece, and even cause injury to people and equipment accidents, affecting the processing quality and machine

The safe operation of the bed requires the tool to have better chip breaking and chip removal performance.


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