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The influence of Coating

June 21,2023

Coating surface solutions and comprehensive services to improve the performance of cutting tools and reduce manufacturing costs through longer tool life.

Efficient, reliable tools are at the core of all industrial production. And more are needed with every passing day. When vehicle manufacturers produce cars, aircraft manufacturers fabricate airplanes or construction engineers build new energy systems, they all depend on manufacturing tools to perform effectively. In fact, tool performance is primarily responsible for the quality, cost and overall factory output of any product.


For optimum performance and service life, modern machine tools need to withstand higher temperatures and pressures, as well as increased wear and friction. Coatings and heat treatments are among the most effective ways to improve tool performance. This, in turn, leads to greater productivity and higher quality of metalworking and plastics processing.we are developing the right solutions for every tool in the manufacturing process. The results are impressive: longer service life, lower manufacturing costs, higher production reliability, and enhanced corrosion and adhesion protection.

Coatings extend tool life and tolerate higher cutting speeds and feeds, reducing machining time and costs.



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