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What is an End Mill

May 18,2023

What is End Milling?

End milling is a milling process that can be used to produce slots, shoulders, cavities, profiles, profiles and other milled parts. End milling uses an end mill, which is a cylindrical tool with multiple cutting edges around its perimeter and at the tip, allowing both facing and peripheral cutting.

What is End Mill?

The end mill is a type of milling cutter designed to be able to cut axially and applicable in end milling, profile milling, tracer milling, face milling, and plunging. End mills and other cutting tools can be made from a host of materials, such as the carbide inserts (suitable for high production milling), high-speed steel (when a special tool shape needed), ceramics inserts (for high-speed machining with high volume), and diamond inserts (offer tight tolerances). High-speed steel (HSS) and tungsten carbide are two of the most common materials for making the end mill. End mills allow precision cutting to manufacture milled parts for broad applications, including jewelry, sign making, mold making, circuit boards, wood engravings, machine parts, and more. Endmills are available in varying lengths, diameters, flutes, and types.  

Common Type of End Mills

End mills can be classified based on the number of flutes, helix angle, shapes, materials, coating, and more. 

4 flute carbide end mill, 2 flute carbide end mill, 2 flute ball nose end mill, 4 flute ball nose end mill, 4 flute corner radius end mill, 4 flute roughing end mill, 2 flute taper end mill, single flute end mill, 4 flute thread end mill, 3 flute aluminim end mill, 2 flute micro end mill...

End Mill Machining Materials

HRC45 end mill is used for processing ordinary steel, wood, PVC and materials with hardness lower than HRC50, with AITIN coating. Good wear resistance, high processing precision, side cutting, flat cutting work well. Effectively reduce vibration, stable cutting, sharp blade, good chip removal effect, fast cutting speed.

HRC55 end mills are used for efficient machining of common stainless steel, common die steel, hardened common steel, cast iron, copper, alloy steel. Suitable for processing materials with a hardness lower than HRC65. Sharp machinability is matched with good hardness. With Tisin coating, it has high temperature oxidation resistance (800°C), and can also achieve the best results under dry machining or high speed cutting conditions. Advanced technology and equipment imported from Germany.

HRC65 end mills are suitable for processing hard mold steel, carbon steel, cast iron, tool steel, copper alloy, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc., with a processing hardness of HRC30°~HRC65°. The raw material is imported ultra-fine tungsten steel, and the coating is Bule NACO nano-coating, which can process high-hardness materials, with good rigidity, high wear resistance and high processing precision.

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